Date: 6/16/2024

Web PSA01 Form: Registration of a Technical Report with ANSI

Please enter the information for each Technical Report into the fields below. Fields marked with () are required. When you have finished entering the information, hit the SUBMIT button to transfer the data to ANSI. A record of this form will be emailed to you directly upon submittal. Please retain a copy of this submittal as evidence of compliance subject to ANSI Audit.

First Name:
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Enter the alphanumeric identifier used by the standards developer to refer to this Technical Report. "ANSI" should not be included in this designation.
Enter the full title of the Technical Report for which the form is submitted. “ANSI” should not be included in this title.
Select from the menu whether this is a new, revision, reaffirmation or withdrawal.
If this Technical Report adopts, or incorporates text from an ISO, IEC or ISO/IEC document, identify the designation(s) here.
Provide a one paragraph description of the Technical Report
Identify the source for ordering copies
Enter the price of the Technical Report. Please indicate if there are different prices (i.e. member vs. non-member), or if the Technical Report is available free of charge.
Check here if you are submitting this form in order to modify a recently submitted form that has not been published in ANSI Standards Action.
Enter any additional information PSA staff should know about this submittal.

Certification effective upon submittal of this form

I hereby declare the ANSI criteria for registration of a Technical Report have been met and that the document described above for registration with ANSI was acted on in accordance with the ANSI Procedures for the Registration of Technical Reports with ANSI and our own procedures that are on file with ANSI.  Evidence of same is available for inspection.

I agree that evidence supporting any statement in this submittal or its attachments may be verified at any time through inspection or audit by the American National Standards Institute.

If it develops that misstatement of fact have been made in connection with this submittal, I understand that the Technical Report in question is subject to withdrawal with appropriate public notice with reasons therefore.  Furthermore, I understand that our organization may be subject to disqualification from submitting a Technical Report for registration for a period of time for improper submission of a Technical Report to ANSI.

Our Organization agrees to maintain this Technical Report by reaffirmation, revision or withdrawal in accordance with the requirements set-forth in the relevant ANSI procedures.

When you have finished entering the information, hit the SUBMIT button to transfer the data to ANSI. Following this submittal, you will see a confirmation screen indicating that the submittal was successful. You will also receive a confirmation email containing a copy of your completed form. Please retain this email for your records. If you do not see the confirmation screen or if you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].

NOTE: Technical Reports registered with ANSI must be in compliance with the ANSI Patent Policy. In addition, registration with ANSI of an ISO or IEC document as a Technical Report requires compliance with the ANSI Policy Regarding Rights to Nationally Adopt IEC and ISO Standards or Otherwise Use IEC and ISO Material.