Date: 7/20/2024

Web BSR8 | 108 Form: Standards Action Public Review Request

After you enter your contact information once in the relevant fields that follow, you can then submit data to ANSI in one of two ways: 1) by entering required () data for each standard in the fields shown below (i.e., using the Submit Data Form tab); or 2) by downloading and submitting data in an Excel table (i.e., choose instead the Submit Excel Form tab). If you choose the Submit Excel Form tab, specific instructions will display. Otherwise, choose “Submit Data Form” and please enter your data for each standard into the fields provided. Fields marked with () are required. When you have completed entering the information, you may PREVIEW it, but you must hit the SUBMIT button to transfer the final data to ANSI. If you would like to add another standard using the Submit Data Form, click the ADD REQUEST button on the confirmation screen. A receipt for each form successfully entered will be emailed to you directly upon successful submittal. Please retain a copy of that record as evidence of procedural compliance subject to ANSI Audit.

(include dashes in phone format, e.g.: 212-123-4567):
Enter the unique alphanumeric identifier used to refer to the proposed standard, (e.g., ASD 123). Please do not include the following in the designation as the proposed standard is not yet approved as an ANS: “ANSI”, “ANS”, “BSR”, or a year date.
Enter the full title of the standard for which the form is submitted. Please do not include the following in the title as the proposed standard is not yet approved as an ANS: “American National Standard”, “ANSI” or “ANS”.
Select the type of project action intended from the list. The project intent relates to the status of the standard within the American National Standards (ANS) process only. For example, the project intent for a standard that is not a current ANS would be “Create new ANS”.
Enter the designation of the approved ANS to be superseded or affected, (e.g., ANSI/ASD 123-2015). This relates to the current ANS affected by the project intent. This is a required field for all but “New ANS”.
If an ISO, IEC or ISO/IEC Standard is to be adopted as an American National Standard, enter the designation of the standard(s) to be adopted.
Check here if this standard includes excerpted text from one or more ISO, IEC or ISO/IEC standards, but is not an identical or modified adoption.
Provide a one paragraph description of the standard. The information should clearly indicate what is covered by the standard in order to differentiate it from similar standards or projects on file at ANSI. As required, please note in the scope if this standard is intended to be submitted for consideration as an ISO, IEC or ISO/IEC JTC-1 standard.
Enter the price of the draft standard. Please indicate if there are different prices (i.e. member vs. non-member), or if the draft standard is available free of charge.
Select the applicable Public Review length. The minimum comment period shall be one of the following: 30 days if the text of the revision is no more than five pages (this option is for limited substantive changes only); 45 days if the document is deliverable electronically within one day of a request; or 60 days, if neither of the aforementioned applies or if you wish to request a 60 day public review.
Specify a name, E-mail or URL address.
Select the unit of measure used in the standard (i.e. US, SI units, both). If no measurements are included in the standard, select "Not applicable".
Check here to request the publication in Standards Action of a call for membership on the relevant consensus body. (Note that participants from diverse interest categories shall be sought with the objective of achieving balance. See 1.3 and 2.3 of the ANSI Essential Requirements.)
Check here if you are submitting this form in order to modify a recently submitted form that has not been published in ANSI Standards Action.
Enter any additional information PSA staff should know about this submittal.
When you have finished entering the information, hit the SUBMIT button to transfer the data to ANSI. Following this submittal, you will see a confirmation screen indicating that the submittal was successful. You will also receive a confirmation email containing a copy of your completed form. Please retain this email for your records. If you do not see the confirmation screen or if you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].


Excel BSR8 | 108 Standards Action Public Review Request

  • Click Download to save the Excel template to your computer.
  • If you have the template, skip the download and go to the next step.
  • Open the file on your computer; enter your data, completing all required columns.
Save the file under a new name in your ANS documentation folder.
  • Note: these files are subject to ANSI audit so please name them for easy identification.

Click Browse to select, upload and attach your file to this web form.
  • Note: the file name should be displayed in the field provided

Click Submit to transmit your attached submittal.
  • A confirmation screen will be displayed when successfully transmitted.
  • A receipt with a copy of your submittal will be emailed to you within a day.
  • Note: retain the copy with your ANSI audit records.

If the file is not displayed or if you do not receive a confirmation, your file has not been transmitted to ANSI. Try Again! For questions or assistance, please contact ANSI staff at [email protected]. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

NOTE: Adoption of an ISO or IEC standard requires compliance with ANSI’s Policy Regarding Rights to Nationally Adopt IEC and ISO Standards or Otherwise Use IEC and ISO Material and with the ANSI Procedures for the Adoption of ISO and IEC Standards as American National Standards.